Straight Pulls From The Box with David Thomas

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Straight Pulls From The Box with David Thomas

  1. Don't worry about picking numbers you’re getting the first 5, 15 or 30 pulls depending on which you choose.
  2. Box will be shuffled between every order. 
  3. Orders are done live on Facebook & YouTube consecutively starting with the first order.

Next Live Wednesday 4/13  6:30 est on Facebook, & YouTube.

David Thomas will do your pulls when he is live on Facebook for Live Football Card Pulls.

  • If you buy in beforehand you will be tagged during the live video. 
  • If you are buying in during David’s live video you will be added to the list for the following live session, once your order is confirmed.

Have some really cheap fun with a wholesale version of "PULLS FROM THE FOOTBALL CARD BOX!!"

What’s In The Box?

  • All Football Cards!! Look for Autos, Patches, Rookies, Numbered, Inserts, Silvers, Holos and Prizms…
  • Hot Rookie Cards Like Trevor Lawerence, Joe Borrow, Justin Herbert, Mac Jones, and so many more...
  • $25 Amex Gold Gift Cards
  • Spin the wheel for Up to $20 AnarchySportsClub Website Break Credit Good for David or Brandon's website breaks
  • And so so much more!