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MetaZoo Nightfall Release Event Box

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MetaZoo Nightfall 1st Edition Release Event Box


  • 3 packs per box
  • 12 cards per pack

Darkness falls, and in the cover of Night the Darker Beasties find sanctuary...and prey to hunt. MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation's Nightfall brings a while new and terrifying list of North American Cryptids into the MetaZoo Universe. Mothman returns, the Wendigo howls in the moonlight and the Bell Witch cackles in the Winter air. Contract these Beasties at your own risk...for they could be your last!

    Product Details:

    In each Nightfall Release Event Box you will find:

    * 1 sealed holographic promo card.
    * 3 Nightfall booster packs.
    * 1 sealed brick of 39 Pages (cards).
    * 1 rulebook.