Exclusive Football Breaker’s Club

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Exclusive Football Breaker’s Club

Be in a football break every week for 30 days !

Only $200

You will gain access to one of our exclusive private Facebook Groups where you & up to 321 other people will be the only members of the group while your membership is valid.

This is a month to month private break club whereby 7 days before the end of each month you will have the option to re-secure your spot(s) for the next month or exit the group.

The membership fee is $200 for the month in advance.

Each Tuesday or Wednesday of the week you will get a random football team for each spot you own in the private club. Everyone will have option to trade before we go live to open the boxes. Each week you will get a different team.

The anarchy sports club exclusive break group is invite only and only open to those who activated own spots in the club.

What will we be breaking ?

Chef’s choice with an option! Each week David & Brandon will come up with 2 different football break options and announce it in the private group. The members will then vote on which break they would like for that week. David or Brandon will go live on the scheduled day for that week and do the break live!

Here’s what you get…

An invitation to our AnarchySportsClub Exclusive Football Break Group

1 NFL team for each spot purchase in 1 football break every 7 days for 30 days- 4 total football breaks.

5% off Discount Code for Everything Else In The Store & On The Website. Good For 30 Days

1 FREE MAX PACK MYSTERY PACK shipped sealed along with a thank you letter & a little more information about the club benefits. 

30 days will start once all 32 spots are sold  first break will be in the first 7 days and then every 7 days from then until 4 breaks are completed.