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Bulbasaur - 67/130 - Common (Base Set 2 Singles)

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Rarity Common
Card Type Pokémon - Basic
Type Grass
Hit Points 40
pokemon energy
Retreat Cost 1
pokemon energy
pokemon energy
 Leech Seed 20 - Unless all damage from this attack is prevented, you may remove 1 damage counter from Bulbasaur.
Set Base Set 2
Artist Mitsuhiro Arita
Description Be the Best Pokémon Trainer You Can Be! The Pokémon trading card game is an extremely popular game where you strive to collect all the Pokémon to become the ultimate Pokémon Master! Decide which Pokémon fight best alongside each other while you build a powerful deck.

Base Set 2 was the 4th expansion of the Pokémon TCG. It was released in February of 2000 and consisted of 130 cards total. Noteworthy cards from Base Set 2 include Blastoise, Charizard & Venusaur.