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Break Subscription 1 Football Mystery Max Pack Bang Box

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Football Mystery Max Pack Break Subscription!!!

You will get 1 Random Football team in 1 Football Mystery Max Packs Bang Box Break every week.

Each week every subscriber on that weeks list will be segmented into break subscriber lists of 32. 

Each list of 32 subscribers will be randomized, the 32 pro football teams list will be randomized and both lists will be matched to assign the subscribers team for that week’s break. This is done in our Facebook group on the day of the break. 

Breaks are broke live every on Wednesday. Shipping is done on Thursday, Friday & Monday.

normally $6.50 a for a random team in our Bang Box Breaks… commit to our Break Subscription plan and you can save 

  • 20% on 1 break every week Only $5.20 a spot !!

Most of all as a Football Mystery Max Packs Bang Box Break Subscriber you will be supporting and helping us to continue to offer a supplier mystery pack unlike no other :)


Each Football Mystery Max Pack BOX contains 4 packs and cost $199.

Each individual Football Mystery Max Pack  cost $49.99 & contains…

5 Cards Total *on average

  • 1 Rookie Card
  • 1 Holo or Prizm Card
  • 3 numbered or Insert cards

Look for randomly inserted packs & graded cards!

*Every Card & Pack are Pictured on this page were used in the making of this Max Packs Series

What is the value in these Football Mystery Max Packs ?

*These values are based on sold comps using the last 3 sold on EBay during the time of making this football mystery max pack edition April 8th - April 21th. Since these cards are sold regularly and more may have been sold since the making of this edition. It is highly likely that new sold comp value could go up or possibly down. Especially considering this series is full of new hot rookie quarter back cards!!!


$25 floor and $125 ceiling per Football Mystery Max Pack…

*This does not account for Hot Packs containing extras valued far beyond the ceiling for example there are 2 Factory Sealed Panini Football Spectra Hobby Packs somewhere in the thousands of Football Mystery Max Packs we’ve built.

For every 1 hundred packs made…

Here is the *average break down….

  • 10/100 packs get a factory sealed Panini football pack
  • 10/100 packs gets a graded football card
  • 10/100 packs get a $70-$100 banger football card or panini factory sealed pack
  • 25/100 get a $30-$50 football card
  • 45/100 get a $15-$30 football card …

The remaining 4 cards are a toss up of football card Prizms, Silvers, Hollos, and Inserts from Star & Rookie players. Combined Value of $10 on average.

This is our first Football Mystery Max Packs with a professionally designed label 😉 We want to get our in house re-pack brand “Max Packs” to the next level!

David & Brandon have big plans, and this series will hopefully get the attention we want for Max Packs. Ever since the first release of Max Packs, put out almost 5 years ago (in sealed Manila envelopes), the vision for Max Packs, even tho it seems impossible… is to get it to a retail and distributor level!

This series is a step in that direction, these packs are not only loaded, we managed to find that happy balance with $100 plus BANGER packs without putting out total trash packs… all at the best price point we could get the most into each pack at $49.99…

Click here to see more pictures of the cards in Football Mystery Max