5 Box 2021 Football PYT BM1063 w/McAllister - Anarchy Sports Club

5 Box 2021 Football PYT BM1063 w/McAllister

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2 - 2021 XR Hobby (2 Autographs 1 Memorabilia)

Click here for 2021 XR Football Cards Checklist


  • 2 packs per box
  • 7 cards per pack

Product Highlights:

- XR Football is back in 2021 and exclusively found in the Hobby configuration.
- Look for the new Base X and Rookie X short-printed parallel. These
parallels are not numbered and are found only 1 per case, on average.
- Chase brand-new inserts with Impending Greatness and Vintage Moments!
- Hunt for new GAMERS memorabilia cards and autographs, which feature only game-used memorabilia!
- A staple of XR Football look for a 1/1 autograph in every case!

Box Break:

- 2 Autos
- 1 Memorabilia
- 1 Insert
- 4 Parallels
- 1/1 Autograph Per Case

1-2021 Spectra Hobby Box ( 4 Autographs 4 Memorabilia 8 Serial Numbered Shortprints)

Click here for 2021 Panini Spectra Football Cards Checklist


  • 4 cards per pack
  • 4 packs per box

Product Highlights:

- Back for 2021, Spectra Football includes 1 Rookie Patch Autograph, 3 Additional Autographs, 4 Memorabilia Cards and 7 base/parallels/variations and 1 insert per box on average.
- New for 2021 - Look for Celestial, Meta and Neon Splatter parallels all across the program.
- New inserts in 2021 Spectra include RetroSpect, Mezmerizing, Neon Nights and Retro Spectacle!
- Look for on-card autographs with Champion Signatures, Illustrious Legends, Sky High Signatures, Vested Veterans Autographs, and RetroSpect.

Box Break:

- 1 Rookie Patch Autograph
- 3 Additonal Autographs Cards
- 4 Memorabilia Cards
- 7 Base/Parallels/Variation
- 1 Insert

1-2021 Contenders Draft Picks Blaster Box ( 1 Autograph)


  • 7 packs per box
  • 6 cards per pack

Product Description:

2021 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Football is among the early season releases featuring top draft picks from the 2021 NFL Draft. While there is a 100 card base set featuring NFL veterans in their college threads, the real appeal to the set comes in the rookie ticket subsets. 2021 Panini Contenders Football holds rookie cards for quarterbacks like Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, Justin Fields, Mac Jones, and more.

The 2021 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Football Blaster Box holds six cards per pack, and seven packs per box. On average you will pull one autograph from each box.

1-2021 Prestige Hanger Box


  • 60 Cards per Box

Product Details:

The 2021 NFL Prestige Hanger Box is now available and being offered in a bundle. Get two hanger boxes today! Each hanger box comes packed with 60 NFL Trading Cards, so in total you will receive 120. Look for hanger box exclusives such as ultra-rare NFL drip, rookie portraits, and more!

Product Highlights:

  • Look For Memorabilia Cards!
  • Look for EXCLUSIVE Astral Parallels!