2 Box 2021 NFL PYT Break BM1083 w/McAllister - Anarchy Sports Club

2 Box 2021 NFL PYT Break BM1083 w/McAllister

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1-2021 XR Hobby ( 2 Autographs 1 Memorabilia)

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  • 2 packs per box
  • 7 cards per pack

Product Highlights:

- XR Football is back in 2021 and exclusively found in the Hobby configuration.
- Look for the new Base X and Rookie X short-printed parallel. These
parallels are not numbered and are found only 1 per case, on average.
- Chase brand-new inserts with Impending Greatness and Vintage Moments!
- Hunt for new GAMERS memorabilia cards and autographs, which feature only game-used memorabilia!
- A staple of XR Football look for a 1/1 autograph in every case!

Box Break:

- 2 Autos
- 1 Memorabilia
- 1 Insert
- 4 Parallels
- 1/1 Autograph Per Case

1-2021 Leaf Pro Set Metal ( 6 Autographs 6 Serial Numbered Parallels)

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  • 1 pack per box
  • 12 cards per pack.

Product Details:

Leaf is pleased to announce the return of Pro Set to the marketplace with its first draft product in the space, 2021 Pro Set Metal Football Hobby! The market has waited almost 20 years for the return of the venerable brand and in doing so Leaf brings the hottest young names in the game. Look for the rare variations that were part of the very identity of the original pro set release. These variations along with Leaf’s stunning Metal technology and the best young rookies make Pro Set an irresistible release this summer!