1 Box 2021 Prizm Hobby Double Random Team Break PRIZM007 w/McAllister (RELEASE 6/3)

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 2021 Panini Prizm Football Hobby Box

(Each spot gets 1 Random AFC Team and 1 Random NFC Team)


Click here for 2021 Panini Prizm Football Cards Checklist

Release on 6/3/2022


  • 12 packs per box
  • 12 cards per pack

Product Highlights:

- One of the biggest names in sports cards, 2021 Prizm Football delivers one of the biggest base sets, colorful new parallels, and brand new inserts.
- Collectors of all types and ages will find something to love in 2021 Prizm Football.
- Loaded with exclusive content, look for new parallels Orange Wave, Navy Camo, and Forest Camo!
- Collect one of the best rookie classes of all time in this 110-card rookie Set! Every box delivers 24 rookies on average.
- Look for short printed inserts such Illumination, Instant Impact and Stained Glass, as well as, the ultra-rare Color Blast! Brand New in 2021, look for the ultra-rare Manga inserts! These inserts combine to fall one-per-case, on average.
- New Inserts for 2021: Prizm Break, New Recruits and the Ultra-rare Manga.

Box Break:

- 2 Autos
- 10 #'d Prizms
- 4 Silver Prizms
- 24 Rookies
- 5 Inserts



By participating in activities Anarchy Sport's Club's Facebook Group, you acknowledge that you agree to our Live Breaks Terms and Policies below:


  • You have 1 hour from the time a break is closed to pay, or your spots can be sold. In minis, you have 1 hour from the time the mini is full to pay or your spots can be sold. If you think you might be unavailable, pay ahead of time. You don't like waiting for that ""one guy"" and neither do we. When a mini is full the main is closed from the time the video guy is tagged, until the mini winners have chosen their spots. You also have 1 hour to pick your spots in a mini win or you will be assigned the next available spot or team from the top down.
  • If you'd like to be added to the break tag list, contact the breaker. Breaks and break minis should be paid as you claim to avoid any delay in break, unless otherwise stated. If spots in a break or break mini are not paid within 1 hour of announced close, your spots/teams may be sold.


  • We break daily, and ship on Fridays weekly. We ship all base as well WITH your hits or 3 Team Bags of base only. 1 Break of just base cards will not ship alone!! This keeps us from having to charge shipping every spot, and keeps our break costs lower.


  • Individual breakers may have alternate shipping schedules. Please contact your breaker with any questions.


  • Hits will be sleeved & top loaded
  • Breaks go live when full and paid unless otherwise stated in break.
  • Multi team base/insert/cards numbered over 100 - go to team on left or top.
  • Multi team Auto/Memorabilia & any cards numbered Under 100 will be randomized to the teams represented on the card.
  • College items Auto or Memorabilia as well as anything numbered under 100 will go to the current team, if not in league anymore, first team signed with. If never played in the NFL, item will be randomized to all team owners.


  • Individual Anarchy sponsored breakers reserve the right to have alternate or additional policies. Please refer to the breaker if you have any questions regarding their break terms prior to participating in their breaks.
  • When you participate in an Anarchy sponsored break, base cards will ship when you either: get a hit, get a points or redemption card or when you accumulate 3 stacks of base cards.
  • If you have questions regarding shipping or hold-backs from our other breaks, feel free to reach out to the breaker.

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