What is AnarchySportsClub and what are Max Packs?

Max Packs are mystery packs or grab bags at there most simply explained way. They often referred to as repacks. Mystery Max Packs are AnarchySportsClub’s in-house professionally built re-packs often built as Football Card Mystery Packs, Basketball Card Mystery Packs, Multi-Sport Card Mystery Packs, and recently Pokémon Card Mystery Packs. I started building them about 5 years ago. Even then I saw a need to get awesome cards for a low price to AnarchySportsClub’s Members.

Before I started Breaking Panini Football Boxes for the club, I ran lots and lots of Fire-sales auction threads. It got crazy I would often have 2 fire sale auctions running at any given time.

I would post over 200 plus cards in the comments of both fire-sale auction posts. 1 post would have cards that started at 25 cents with 25 cent increments. The other post would start at $1 with $1 increments. Our members would comment there bid amount. All bids would be final at a specific date and time. It got insane, I had over 80 buyers I and I was shipping over 100 packages a month “funny how now a days that a slow week for us ;) thanks guys!!!” I was running these fire sales over 5 years ago & would even go live and do live auctions !!!

I learned fast football card collectors and even the dreaded football card flippers liked getting autographed football cards , patch & relic football cards, rookie football cards, numbered football cards, Chrome, Prizm, and refractor football cards. Not just the star football player  cards… in fact when I first started selling football cards the people buying from me were more about buying their favorite team’s/player cards and would often spend $50 or more on  football cards in my fire sales.

When I started breaking Panini football card boxes for AnarchySportsClub members I loved it “and still do”. To me it was perfect an economical way for a collector to be a part of opening Panini Football Card boxes  they may not have bought for themselves whether it was because the Panini football card boxes are to expensive or May rare and hard to find.

As soon as I started opening & breaking football cards for AnarchySportsClub I also noticed often the members participating in the break would get very little or even nothing from the football card break. This is what is often referred to as Skunking. Most break groups including our will package up and HOLD your cards from a break until you get a “hit” in another break… we also follow this rule but take it a step further, if you are in the hold box and have 3 different break packages on hold due to “no hit” rule - we will print a label and ship them out on the following shipping day. We also ship anyone who who requests there “No Hit” break cards. Member Services is something we pride ourselves on at AnarchySportsClub. We live by the “No Man Left Behind” motto…

Skunking in a break is a horrible feeling. Even as a breaker wi know I want all my participants in the break to get what they want. If you watch some of my live football breaks you may have heard me say something like this before I start opening the box “Alright here we go, I hope everyone gets the huge hit they are hoping for out of this box… if we’re lucky we’ll pull 32 badass football cards 1 for every team so everyone here gets something they love for every team they have” then proceed to open a factory sealed Panini National Treasures box with 10 cards in it and if we’re lucky 3 of them will value $50 or more … Don’t get me wrong AnarchySportsClub we’ll not stop breaking football card boxes……

After only breaking football cards a few times times over 5 years ago … I saw a need to bring Mystery Packs to AnarchySportsClub. I saw a few guys coming out with sealed bubble mailers & Manila envelopes and like a lot of people I thought “I can do that maybe even better!”

So almost 5 years ago I released the very first Max Packs & made sure everyone got SOMETHING !!!

At this point we have built over 50 different editions of Max Packs bringing some amazing cards to AnarchySportsClub members giving them better and even more economic way to participate & enjoy Football Mystery Max Packs.

Football Mystery Max Packs are our most recent and available Max Packs currently in production.

This is our Flag Ship edition of Max Packs. Containing 5 Football cards on average. •

  • 1 Rookie Card
  • 1 Holo or Prizm Card
  • 3 numbered or Insert cards

This is the first Max Packs we’ve developed a Formula for that we stick to in the production of Football Mystery Max Packs

For every 1 hundred packs made… Here is the *average break down….

  • 10/100 packs get a factory sealed Panini football pack
  • 10/100 packs gets a graded football card
  • 10/100 packs get a $70-$100 banger football card or panini factory sealed pack… the ceiling
  • 25/100 get a $30-$50 football card
  • 45/100 get a $20-$30 football card … the floor

With this formula we are able to produce even at the worst packs you will not be disappointed .

So what makes these Football Mystery Max Packs so awesome ?

Of course it’s the cards used in the making of each Football Mystery Max Pack that make it better then any other Re-Pack at the price of $50. The meticulous time consuming task of making sure we’re building the best packs …… It’s also the 5 years experience I have improving how we build our Football Mystery Max Packs and being flexible to see patterns & changes in what the general collector/reseller/flipper wants to see when they open a Football Mystery Max Packs!

But if you really want to know the secret sauce ? It’s the team that helps me build Max Packs & continue to improve the cards we use in the production & quality of our brand. Brandon Mcallister & Jim Peters have help me get Max Pack to this level.

Jim Peters has been a key part in supplying thousands of cards that I’ve used to make Max Packs. Jim has helped me with every max packs I’ve released from the very first one almost 5 years ago, to the current production of Football Mystery Max Packs.

Brandon Mcallister has been a HUGE part in helping me with the production of Max Packs. He plays the biggest part in getting Max Packs to our members, breaking packs live for members & including them in his factory sealed Panini Football box breaks.

If you would like to see everything you get in a Football Mystery Max Pack go here https://ascbreaks.com/products/football-mystery-max-pack

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

- David Thomas

Co-Owner & Founder of AnarchySportsClub