Max Pack - Basketball Quick Rip Edition

Max Pack - Basketball Quick Rip Edition

The “affordable” basketball repack series. Ripped Live on Saturday June 12 at the Anarchy Sports Club summer BBQ!!!

Each box will have either 1 basketball card or 1 modern panini pack of basketball cards in it.......on average.

These packs are on FIRE loaded with all the hot rookie cards Michael Jordan, Zion Williamson, Jason Tatum, Lebron James, Luca Doncic, Trea Young, Ja Morant, Shaquille O’Neil, RJ Barrett & too many more to list here ... we got them all in this series !!!

Not to mention a Graded Kobe Bryant Autographed National Treasures card!!!

We opened all these hobby boxes & took the packs out & individually placed them in max pack boxes through the cases!!!

Basketball Hobby Boxes/packs

1x 17/18 Panini Spectra - 1 Pack

1x 17/18 Panini Select - 12 packs

1x 19/20 Panini Impeccable- 1 Pack

1x 19/20 Panini Prizm - 12 packs

1x 19/20 Panini Prizm fast break - 18 packs

1x 19/20 Panini Certified - 12 Packs

1x 19/20 Panini Encased FOTL - 1 Pack

1x 19/20 Court Kings - 1 Pack

1x 19/20 Clearly Donruss

1x 19/20 Panini Origins - 1 Pack

1x 20/21 Panini Origins - 1 Pack

1x 20/21 Panini Crown Royale - 1 Pack

1x 20/21 Panini Contenders - 12 packs

We also added hundreds of 2019-2021 retail basketball packs...

Plus added bonus packs from the 90’s like Shaquille O’Neal rookie hunting in 92/93 ultra Fleer packs.

Don’t worry .... This is Max Packs and for legal reasons we have to say 1 card or 1 panini pack on average per box... but you know we loaded these boxes so be on the look out for random hot boxes with extra packs, team rookie lots, PSA & Beckett graded cards & more...

Max Packs Basketball Quick Rip edition comes in a nice 4x6x2 white box with a full color label. The card or pack will be sealed in a silver mylar bag. Each box will be sealed at the opening with an Tamper Proof stickers. Boxes will be mixed up & labeled. Then shrink wrapped around the seal, label, & box to best avoid tampering. Boxes will be packaged in cases of 10 boxes. With a total of 175 cases.

NOTE: Case hit boxes will be built separately & added randomly, 1 per case.